Sam Kelly

Executive Producer

At the calm centre of any creative or logistical storm, and with the positive energy and wisdom to know every cloud has a beautiful silver lining, Sam has produced superior quality work for a host of local and international directors in every film medium and genre under the sun. Her repertoire includes numerous cultural and wildlife documentaries, high-end corporate videos, large-scale live events, agency producing, feature films, reality shows and hundreds of television commercials.

Sam’s love of African wilderness led her to produce three riveting one-hour documentaries filmed in Kenya and Botswana for the National Geographic Channel. Her numerous documentaries, feature films, and bespoke television commercials are rooted in integrity, honesty, and the passion to produce nothing short of the very best.

As a recipient of the Grand Prix at the IVCA festival in London and Grand Prix at the Loeries, Sam prefers being known as a producer who tells human stories that profoundly touch hearts and minds. Deeply humanitarian ethics have guided her 30-year career and attracted lifelong loyalties from her vast network of creatives and service providers. It means there isn’t a storm that Sam can’t weather in her indomitable stride.