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Sean Koch

Save the Wild Coast. To Hell with Shell!

Sean wrote this song because he couldn’t stand by and watch what Shell and the South African Government intends on doing to the Wild Coast off of Transkei. The seismic survey that has been approved by our Government will have a catastrophic impact on the marine life, the pristine coastline and the communities that live there. Please share this video as far and wide as possible to help raise global awareness of what Shell intends to do. Shell should be boycotted worldwide!!

Also big up to @dawnpatrolwines for making this kiff project possible. Their proceeds goes towards ocean conservation and they're doing great work, support them!

And then a massive thanks to Lee Doig from @letitrainfilms for this great idea brought to life! It was such an amazing experience working alongside them, their amazing crew & suppliers. We came together and pulled it off! One thing is for sure - we have power, people. So let's use it! What we do together can change the world! Please help by signing and sharing this petition!!! https://dearsouthafrica.co.za/shell/