Nico Nyoni

Camera / DP

Nico’s love for camera and film was kindled in his hometown, Bulawayo Zimbabwe, where he worked as a wedding videographer. This is were he learned to think two steps ahead. His dreams were bigger, however. Unsurprisingly, he became solutions-driven while never forgetting his life’s passion: to tell gripping human stories in films that show ‘there can be beauty after ashes’.

Like new growth after spring rains, Nico brings unquenchable energy and the uncanny ability to be everywhere at once. With his inspiring work as Camera Assistant on Let It Rain commercials, it came as no bolt from the blue that Nico was soon filming on MasterChef SA, Survivor South Africa, and Fear Factor India and I’m a Celebrity Australia. He was the first black African cameraman on American Survivor. Most recently, he toughed it out with the best of them as the sole Cameraman on Extinction Island, where he proved his phenomenal grit and talent.

When he is not working he enjoys catching waves at Muizeberg Surfer’s Corner or spending time with his twins. Like his camerawork, his surfing is gnarly, his anticipation and angles spot-on, and his motives pure.